The fun ripple edges give the bird’s nest fern a unique

One of the easiest plants to keep alive in the winter, the Chinese Evergreen is pretty much that…evergreen. It does well in low light and can even survive if you forget to water it sometimes. The Tillandsia genus has breathed new life into the terrarium hobby. The graceful white spathes of the peace lily have long been rendered in silk plants, but there’s no reason to go fake when the living specimens of Spathiphyllum are so easy to grow. Peace lilies do well in low light but need regular moisture. Not everyone has room for a garden but anyone can grow Makkelijke kamerplanten

To care for peace lilies, you’ll want to water once a week or so. However, if you forget, the plant will wilt dramatically to let you know it’s thirsty and perk right back up again after. It can tolerate low-light environments, but you’re more likely to get those lovely white blooms if it’s in medium to bright indirect light. Before you get nervous, you should know that you don’t even have to be a plant expert to be able to flaunt some gorgeous greenery in your space.

Many people find that plants relieve their stress and improve their mood thanks to their refreshing fragrance and beautiful colors. While outdoor gardening can be great, it’s not for everyone. Small-space living leaves no space for an outdoor garden, of course, and planting outside comes with its fair share of difficulties. But most of us have at least a room or two—even if we’re sharing an apartment—with a window and some light to call our own. The fun ripple edges give the bird’s nest fern a unique, fun look.

Myrtle and oleanders as well as some species of ficus are houseplants that come from this vegetation zone. Very few species of the plants cared for as indoor plants come from the temperate climate zone. Typical representatives are some forms of ivy as well as Saxifraga stolonifera and Carex brunnea. They all only thrive if they given artificial “”winter”” periods. Plant species native to savannahs and deserts are very well adapted to drought and low humidity.

If you have experience keeping indoor plants alive (congrats!), it may be time to add a peace lily to your house plant mix. They require just a little bit more TLC—just ensure the soil is moist at all times, and you’ll have beautiful, blooming lilies in no time. Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance, they are more durable than you think; some can even withstand some serious neglect. So instead of trying to individually tend to each plant’s frequent watering schedules, we are sharing some of the best indoor plants that don’t require a ton of attention at all.

When you buy your houseplant online with Garden Goods Direct, have confidence knowing that each plant has received Woodie’s Seal of Approval. Contrary to popular belief, some plant species thrive in low-light settings. If you’re looking to freshen up the air in your home, we have the perfect houseplants for you!