The Difference Between Youth Soccer and College Soccer

Youth soccer games provide the ideal way for players to develop their skills, while having fun. There are several different age groups from elementary school through adult soccer, depending on the type of game. There are even training camps dedicated to playing soccer.

Adult and professional soccer games are usually 90 minutes long and divided into two half-hour halves. Extra time will be played if a winning goal is needed to declare a winner, like in tournament competitions. Youth teams play no more than ninety minutes and can play two quarter-finals, three quarter-finals or any other number of rounds as necessary. In order to play in the youth leagues, the team must adhere to the competition rules.

Youth soccer NosQQ games have many differences from adult competitions. Youth soccer games use a modified version of regulation football, which does not allow for three points and only allows for four points on a game. The result of a foul is only either a red or yellow card, neither of which would carry a points deduction. Instead, a free kick is awarded and the opposing team must touch the ball within a certain amount of feet of the referee before they are allowed to take a shot on goal.

College soccer games, like the youth leagues, differ slightly in that college soccer games use a modified version of the game with fewer players and only three regular halves. College soccer games feature regulation soccer and overtime is not allowed. This allows for more fouls to be made and, if more than one team attempts to make a foul on the referee, extra time will be granted. The scoring starts at the thirty-second minute mark and continues until the game is decided.

The rules in college soccer games and the soccer fields used for professional soccer games differ greatly. In addition to using the standard field size and dimensions, the field is designed to provide players with the ability to sprint and run fast. Every soccer player will need to have the ability to sprint quickly to be successful.

College soccer games are played in three parts: a half hour of normal time, an extra sixty-five minutes of added time, and the championship game. The regulation soccer field consists of eleven poles with one goal post. The extra time consists of five minutes of stoppage time and two minutes of added time. The championship game is played as quickly as possible without sacrificing the standard length of the halves and is three hours long.