ADHD Active Seating

Wobble cushions, also called sensory cushions, fidget cushions, or movement cushions, are frequently available in schools.

Our deep pressure therapy products are created to help children relax, focus and produce endorphins that promote happiness. This Inflatable Chair is made of heavy-duty vinyl with a soft, velvety shell that, when inflated, provides therapeutic pressure that can ease anxiety, stress, tantrums, and more. Abilitations strives to enhance the lives of individuals with special sensory needs. We provide a complete line of resources and tools to inspire, empower and promote independence.

Kindergarten educational gamesSome children constantly fidget while sitting. Their muscles crave activity for sitting still and focusing on tasks. As sensory chairs let children move and adjust themselves in a non-disruptive way, they get the right stimulus they are seeking for. Thus, sitting in such chairs, children can burn off excess energy and become more attentive in class. visit this website

Focused little child building house with constructor From the fact that sensory chairs help kids to stay active while sitting through small body movements, the blood flow increases. This also improves the flow of oxygen to the brain that not only improves mental alertness but also boosts their overall productivity. Unlike conventional classroom seats, sensory chairs boost your child’s overall metabolism and provide health benefits that last a lifetime.

Kids can take this item everywhere they go without bringing attention to themselves or causing a disruption. Chair bands can be the perfect solution for kids and adults! Whether they have fidgety feet, ADHD, trouble focusing, or all of the above. At first sight it looks uncomfortable, and ineffective.

A sensory cushion is a smaller, portable seat that is designed to provide stimulation and comfort for children with sensory needs. They are usually filled with materials like foam, beans, or sand to provide different textures. Some cushions also have features like music players or vibration motors to provide additional sensory input. Sensory cushions are also perfect for taking on the go, and they can be used in a variety of settings, such as at school, at home, or while traveling. Sensory chairs can help children and adults with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and/or sensory processing disorder to focus at work and school. For neurodivergent people, our environment is extremely important to our success.

Doing so when your kid has special needs, some learning or development disability, or sensory processing disorder, can be even more challenging. Many of these children have a constant need for movement or reduced muscle tone that prevents them to engage in learning. Sensory seating can be a great way to help children sit longer, focus better and finish tasks. Many flexible seating options stimulate students’ sense of touch.