Working Parents’ Guide To Childcare And Daycare

Childcare and daycare are often confused with each other and misused as if they are the same thing. However, the two are actually quite different from each other and serve different purposes. Daycare refers to a facility that offers care to children during their early morning and evening hours. This type of child care usually caters to babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students. While parents can attend work during their working hours, childcare facilities are typically equipped with experienced caregivers who can provide daycare services to children when their parents are not at home or are not able to care for their children at home.

On the other hand, child care centers provide early childhood education, emotional growth, physical growth, social skills development, healthy food, safety, and academic instruction to children enrolled in their respective early childhood education programs. Formal daycare is usually offered by long term day care centers, indoor day care and outdoor daycare outside school hours. However, there are also centers that offer home daycare services and this is ideal for working parents who would like to be with their kids but are too busy to attend daycare centers. For these parents, home daycare could be the perfect solution. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link Childcare near me

In most instances, parents opt for in-home toddler day care services, which is usually offered by child-centered organizations that offer different types of educational and developmental activities, games and social experiences for toddlers ranging from toddlers to pre-school children. With the help of skilled early childhood educators, day cares operate smoothly by providing a variety of facilities, programs and services tailored to meet the needs of toddlers and their parents. Toddlers, on the other hand, may be too young to attend school, and hence are given care and development programs at home. Parents can also avail of various support services and child rearing guidance from child-centered organizations to help them with their toddler’s various issues.

Preschool is considered an important stage in every child’s life. Daycare centers operate under the supervision of kindergarten teachers and are capable of providing children with high quality education and nurturing environment. Some preschools provide special services to cater to the special needs of children, such as Montessori preschool education and Center for Families, which are accredited by the National Association for Home-Based Education (NAHBFE). These programs make it possible for working parents to give their toddlers the best early childhood education and development services, along with setting them an example for other parents.

Special education services and support services are provided at a daycare center by certified teachers who are qualified and trained to work with special needs children. Special-education programs for kindergarten and early elementary school children are developed as per standards set by the Department of Education. Special-education professionals include teachers, counselors, psychologists and specialists in early childhood education and development. They conduct evaluations, provide support and promote literacy, social skills, self-esteem, and academic achievement of disadvantaged children. They also participate in programs and activities of community groups and participate in community activities.

Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to educate children ages three to six inclusive of drawing, writing, listening, speaking and basic comprehension skills. Special-education programs include cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. Pre-Kindergarten is an important milestone in every child’s educational experience. It helps them acquire skills that are essential for their later years. It is recommended that mothers register their child at a daycare center before they approach pre Kindergarten.