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We offer affordable prices throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, S.E Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire and it’s usually a much cheaper alternative to skip hire. Excellent service this is the 2nd time we have used waste king cleared all off the rubbish very quickly will definitely use again and highly recommended it. Having booked a skip for Friday, the skip was never delivered and no one contacted us to let us know what was happening. The one star is only given because it’s mandatory – in reality, it’s a no-star experience.

Reviewers say it’s easy to install, even without a pro, and some say the upside to getting a less-powerful disposal is a quieter motor, too. Most are pleased with the power, but some say the splash guard is a little stiff, so they have to more actively push food waste down into the disposal. Smaller households or buyers with small budgets will appreciate the Waste King EZ Mount L-111, recommended by hundreds of owners who say it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t need quite as much power in a Rubbish Clearance. This continuous-feed model is a 1/3-horsepower unit with stainless steel grinders and a 1,900 RPM motor, and many say it’s a great fit for smaller kitchens or apartments where big dinners aren’t a nightly affair.

In 1960 it was 70.5 inches , the heaviest of recent years in the run-up to the disaster. Between 1952 and 1965, there was severe flooding in the Pantglas area of Aberfan on at least 11 occasions. Residents complained that the flood water was black and left a greasy residue when it receded. Complaints had been made by residents to Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, who corresponded with the NCB between July 1963 and March 1964 on the topic of the “”Danger from Coal Slurry being tipped at the rear of the Pantglas Schools””. In early 1965 meetings were held between the council and the NCB at which the Board agreed to take action on the clogged pipes and drainage ditches that were the cause of the flooding. No action had been taken by October 1966 when the tip collapsed.

There were seven spoil tips on the hills above Aberfan; Tip 7—the one that slipped onto the village—was started in 1958 and, at the time of the disaster, was 111 feet high. In contravention of the NCB’s procedures, the tip was partly based on ground from which springs emerged. After three weeks of heavy rain the tip was saturated and approximately 140,000 cubic yards of spoil slipped down the side of the hill and onto the Pantglas area of the village. The main building hit was the local junior school, where lessons had just begun; 5 teachers and 109 children were killed.

The NCB had received a range of estimated costs for removing the tips, from £1.014 million to £3.4 million. Robens informed HM Treasury that the cost would be £3 million, and informed them that the NCB would not pay for the removal; between November 1967 and August he lobbied to avoid having the NCB pay. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury also refused to pay, and said that the costs were too high. Although the government had initially favoured landscaping—an option cheaper than removal—they were eventually persuaded that removal was preferable.

Waste King are known for our efforts to work towards greener and cleaner ways to clear rubbish for people. Our collection and clearance services result in tonnes of unwanted customer items such as furniture, clothes and books, which are in perfectly good repair. Many charities are able to make good use of these items, either to sell in their shops or re-use, which also enables Waste King to achieve one of our major goals, ie, to increase our recycling and divert from landfill. In today’s technology driven world, it couldn’t be easier to clear the unwanted rubbish from your home area with our effective and fast junk clearances service. Waste King’s Rubbish Clearance and Rubbish Removal services shall free up your time by doing all the disposal so you don’t have to load any waste and can sit back and relax as our professionally trained staff can help shift your unwanted rubbish.

For example, a disposal with 1 HP will offer more power than a model with 1/2 HP. The Vortez permanent magnet motor’s major claim is that it finely grinds food, and therefore gets jammed less frequently than other options, and reviewers confirm that’s true. They also rave that the removable splash guard does a great job catching unwanted items before they fall in.